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Properties Legal Matters

Since the Real Estate industry is very perplexing and fluctuant, all transactions in this area must be carefully handled with the support of an experienced tax and legal team. We can support you with your real estate matters, as well as tax and legal advisory related to the lease of residential and non-residential premises.

In addition, our team of real estate attorneys also offers support in case of litigation and out-of-court negotiations, as well as with representation before state authorities. Any matter related to patwari or patwarkhana will be duly dealt with by professional land revenue officers and a team of experts who have vast knowledge in their field.

It is important to highlight that in the past few years, we have successfully obtained big reliefs from high and district Courts. The reliefs include, but are not limited, to eviction, rent recovery, the dispute in ownership, transfer of ownership to legal heirs after the death of the owner(s), partition, and other auxiliary reliefs including stay-orders on properties.

Properties Legal Matters

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